When you know what your topic is and have outlined the ideas that you think you want to discuss in your paper, it’s time to start writing! Many students find that the hardest part of the drafting process is simply getting started. If you can, find a comfortable place to write where you can work without interruption or distractions. A library, coffee shop, your couch – anywhere where you can focus. And don’t forget that you don’t always have to work in a linear fashion on your paper. You might find it easier to write the body of your paper before writing the introduction. The important thing is to get started!

Writing a thesis statement

Thesis statements as provable claims (2 min.)
Provable (1 min. 51 sec.)
Difficult to refute (1 min. 58 sec.)
Addresses competing claims (1 min. 50 sec.)
Educates readers (52 sec.)
Mechanics of writing a good thesis statement (1 min. 44 sec.)
Relevance test (1 min.)

More Tools to Help

PDFiconWC64x64Developing a Thesis Statement (PDF)
A thesis statement tells your readers the main idea of your paper. This handout gives you information about how to compose a clear and concise thesis.

PDFiconWC64x64Thesis Statement Worksheet (PDF)
Created by SIRS Researcher, this worksheet helps you articulate your thesis statement and the evidence you have to support it.

APA Formatting in Microsoft Word (PDF)
Use the instructions on this handout to help you set up Microsoft Word to align with APA requirements.

PDFiconWC64x64In-text Citation Examples (PDF)
This handout shows you how to create in-text citations. Provides examples for how to format direct quotations and gives information on how to paraphrase and summarize while giving proper credit to the original author.