Smarthinking Tutors

If you need help with your writing skills or would like help with a paper you are working on, Smarthinking can help! Smarthinking (aka Smart Thinking) is an online 24/7 tutoring service that can be used whether you are an on-ground student or taking classes virtually.

How do you access it?  You can get to Smarthinking via D2L or the NAU Student Portal.

How do you connect with a writing tutor?  For an in-depth paper review, choose the “Submit My Writing” option (in yellow, below) – you’ll submit your paper and a tutor will review it, usually within 24 hours. To connect with a live tutor to ask questions, choose the “Work with a Tutor” option (in red, below) and choose “Writing.” The work with a tutor option is also the place to go for help with prewriting activities like brainstorming, outlining, or thesis development activities.

Where can I go for help with Smarthinking? Smarthinking offers students a how-to page with videos, a guide, and information about accessing the service. If you need additional help, contact your DSS or



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Math Tutoring

The Math Resource Center is available for all math students (both ground and online).  This handout shows you how to access the available tutors.


Campus Tutors

In addition to Smarthinking, many campuses have tutors available who can help you with writing questions. Contact your DSS (or GSA for graduate students), to get the most up-to-date information about campus tutoring options available to you.