When you are writing a research paper, you will be required to support your paper’s argument with research from articles, books, and websites. In the case of most research papers, you will be expected to use peer-reviewed articles to support your claims. If your paper does not require that you use peer-reviewed information, you still need to rely on credible sources of information to support your argument. The resources on this page will walk you through how to find different types of information so that you can be sure your paper is appropriately researched.

Where to find Information

Finding Information (35 sec.)
Places You Can Go (1 min. 41 sec.)
The Open Web (2 min. 59 sec.)
The Digital Library (2 min. 50 sec.)
Beyond the Internet and Library (2 min. 01 sec.)
Searching the Open Web (2 min. 02 sec.)
Searching Your Library Resources (2 min. 28 sec.)

Evaluating Information

Evaluation (45 sec.)
Identifying Source Types (2 min. 12 sec.)
Primary & Secondary Sources (2 min. 20 sec.)
Publications from Governments (2 min. 48 sec.)
Social Media (1 min. 10 sec.)

Evidence to Support Your Claims

What Information Will Prove Your Claim? (1 min. 09 sec.)
Confusing “Evidence Of” With “Consistent With” (1 min. 49 sec.)
Confusing Feelings of Certainty with Evidence (2 min. 30 sec.)
Confusing Anecdotes with Evidence (2 min. 07 sec.)
Finding Evidence (37 sec.)
Expert Testimony as Evidence (1 min. 57 sec.)
Statistics as Evidence (2 min. 26 sec.)
Matching Data to Claims (47 sec.)

Additional Resources

Quick Introduction to the NAU Online Library (3 min.)
Learn how to navigate the NAU Online Library – this quick introduction shows you the basics of using the library.

Scholarly and Popular Sources (7 min.)
This tutorial from the NAU Online Library shows you the differences between scholarly and popular sources of information and how to find scholarly information quickly and easily using the library’s databases.

LINKiconWC64x64Craft of Research ebook (Available from the NAU Online Library)
This ebook walks you through the entire research and writing process. Two simultaneous users (You’ll need to log in with your student portal credentials).

Google Scholar
Google Scholar can help you locate scholarly articles. Not every article available in Google Scholar is available in full-text. Before paying for an article, check the NAU Online Library to see if the full text is available. Instructions on how to find the full text of an article from a citation are available here.